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Beach. Boardwalk. Big Fun.

Sun, sand, towering resort hotels, the bustling Boardwalk, the awe-inspiring Atlantic -- this is one beach party you don’t want to miss. The Atlantic City, New Jersey beaches are famous, and rightly so. Everything you could possibly want is right here within walking distance, from shops to five-star restaurants to casinos, attractions and great shows -- all benefits of being one of the few American beaches with boardwalks. What better way to cap a day of shopping, shows and gourmet dining than a pleasant sunset walk on the shore? And should you want to venture into the waves, you can surf, fish, parasail or embark on a relaxing cruise. 

Construction on Atlantic City’s world-famous Boardwalk began in 1870, and from then on it has become an America icon. Stroll along the Boardwalk and enjoy ocean views on one side and shopping on the other, ranging from high-end retail to saltwater taffy shops. 

Atlantic City Beach and Boardwalk activities include surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. Explore the many NJ beach activities here and plan for some summer fun at Atlantic City, New Jersey beaches today!


To promote public health safety, it will be necessary to limit physical interactions on the beaches and boardwalk. To do this the City of Atlantic City will, until further notice: 

  • Require that members of the public practice social distancing;

  • Prohibit special events such as festivals, fireworks, and concerts and organized activities such as sports

  • Limit the number of people on the beaches at any given time in order to assist with social distancing

  • Limit occupancy in public restrooms

  • Demarcate six feet of spacing in areas where the public may form a line

  • Keep closed all water fountains, pavilions, indoor recreational facilities, and water play equipment.

  • Remove or block all outdoor seating such as benches and tables from use

  • Sanitize high-touch surfaces frequently

The State of New Jersey and City of Atlantic City are strongly encouraging people to wear a face covering while in public and on the beach or boardwalk, especially during busy times. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has emphasized the importance of using cloth face coverings to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As of September 1 the following guarded beaches will be open daily* from 10 AM - 6 PM:

*Subject to change
**Lifeguards are on duty from 10 AM - 6 PM at over 40 locations in Atlantic City, from Caspian Ave. to Jackson Ave. July 1 - Labor Day.






New Hampshire, Rhode Island


States, Virginia


North Carolina, South Carolina,


Kentucky, Mt. Vernon, Martin Luther King Boulevard


Ohio, Michigan


Missouri, Mississippi


Texas, Iowa


Brighton, Chelsea, Montpelier


Albany, Dover


Bartram, Montgomery

Note: Connecticut and Pennsylvania Avenues will be open on an as needed basis.

Unique to AC!
Unique to AC

AC Boardwalk

Built in 1870 to keep the sand out of the fancy resorts that were popping up along the shore, the storied wooden Boardwalk is the best possible setting for a stroll, be it power or leisure. Chalk up four miles, one way from end-to-end, with views of casinos, shops, arcades and restaurants to the west and a great expanse of sea and sunrise beauty to the east. Or rest in an Adirondack chair and enjoy the people watching. 

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